Silvertown Tunnel Project secured with RIVERLINX

27 Apr 2023

JP Dunn Construction are pleased to announce that we have secured a project with @Riverlinx to construct the two portal buildings on both the Silvertown and Greenwich ends of the new Silvertown Tunnel.

The Silvertown Tunnel itself is a ground-breaking technological feat and as part of the tunnel infrastructure, both ends will require mixed-use equipment, office, and staff facility buildings. The Silvertown Portal involves the construction of a three-story inverted rotunda cone design building with the Greenwich Peninsular Portal, featuring a uniquely designed singly curved wall and roof building housing critical infrastructure founded directly above the portal structure.

Both sites will include Groundworks, RC Frame, Drainage, and underground services work. The dual site project will require JP Dunn to work within several project constraints such as requiring simultaneous material procurement and delivery systems, notoriously high winds on the Greenwich Peninsular and working to all British Standards and Eurocodes required for working on a TFL site.

Key features of the sites include small site footprints above active tunnelling construction, use of tower and crawler cranes to meet site challenges, below ground insulation and waterproofing and 9m high curved, RC concrete walls and suspended roof slabs. The design also requires excavation and installation of drainage pipework across both sites.

Works have commenced on site this month.

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