Health & Safety

Our Health & Safety culture and management approach is based on working to a higher level than the industry recommended best practice. It also incorporates collaborative teamwork and innovation, which is driven by the belief that we all have a right to a safe and healthy working environment.

Our primary aim is to repeatedly provide our personnel and workforce with the information, instruction training and supervision that they need to carry out their works safely, and in a manner that promotes a positive and proactive health and safety culture on each one of our operational sites.

Our management systems and procedures are ISO 45001 accredited, however the culture within the organisation strives to go above and beyond industry standards by promoting innovation and the right to challenge what is deemed best practice and look for continual improvement.

We strongly believe that our best assets are the individuals we employ; their input is critical to the success of J P Dunn Construction Limited.

By promoting a ‘work safe policy’ we have created constructive committee forums for all our personnel to share constructive feedback, views, ideas and suggestions. Empowering our people to work as an efficient team helping them continuously improve and grow.

A high level of safety awareness is achieved for all personnel by providing the necessary training requirements needed to achieve safe delivery of our projects. Whilst developing the skills set of our personnel this ensures we provide an excellent overall service and end product to our clients, which is why many of our existing clients award future project and repeat works.

We are also very aware of the impact that our sites may have upon the wider community and we have policies and procedures in place that reduce any adverse effect on the local environment. We demonstrate this also by being a member of the Considerate Constructors scheme.

We have also recently been awarded CLOCS Champions accreditation as a direct result of implementing construction traffic safety awareness programmes in conjunction with The Met Police and Havbike.

Download our Occupational Health & Safety Policy Statement